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Things you should know before travelling to some cities

Not planning ahead is the number one reason why some people don’t have good trips on overseas travel.


In Vienna, mineral water comes out of taps, so there is no need to buy still bottled water. The real Viennese are reserved and cultured people and you don’t need to smile at ladies in fur coats or start a conversation with men in suits. In Vienna only tourists wear tights, shorts and sneakers.  Many people indulge in their daily coffee ritual, reading a newspaper.


The first rule is that you should not throw coins into every fountain. But more importantly, for free entry to the Colosseum you do not have to wait in line to get in because you can purchase a combined ticket at the entrance to the Forum or in the museum. Admission is free to the Vatican last week of the month, and the Pantheon is always free. Try to avoid common street scammers including those pretending to offer a free product or service, but then aggressively demanding payment afterwards.


Sagrada Familia Cathedral is far more interesting from the outside. It is not necessary to pay a 12 euro ticket and go inside where you get a great view of one construction site, most of its beauty is on the outside.  Avoid eating at Rambla no matter how hungry you are, try the Gothic Quarter instead. English fluency of most Spaniards is poor.


It is impossible to see everything in Paris, but the maximum can be achieved through precise planning and underground transportation. Paris is expensive, but you should never eat in Montmartre, the famous avenues or fancy places. The best and cheapest food is at train stations, which are real works of art. Wasting hours of precious time in line for the Eiffel Tower, or climb up the 328 steps to the first level, where there is a beautiful view and the elevator is coming down. Wise tourists do not enter the high-action places, no matter how attractive they are. Try to just pass by Champs-Élysées, they are good only for Americans anyway.


Downtown hotels are slightly more expensive but well worth the price. Do not go shopping on Wenceslas Square. You do not need to drink coffee at “Starbucks” or eat fast food because Czech restaurants have very affordable prices. Try to visit the Charles Bridge early in the morning or any time in the evening. You should not expect much from the Astronomical clock, just another overrated tourist attraction.

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