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The most unusual laws in the world



In Singapore, chewing gums are prohibited. It’s also prohibited for people to walk naked at home,because that’s considered as pornography.

Vermont, USA

in Vermont, USA ,if some women wants to replace her teeth with artificial ones she must have her husbands permison.


in Bangladesh 15 years old kids will go to jail for cheating on their final exams.


in France is forbidden to name a pig, Napoleon.

Great Britain

in Great Britain old pregnant women are allowed to urinate in Public. No one is allowed to pass away in Parlament. No one is allowed to paste the stamp with any British monarchs character on it,upside down.

New Jersey

in New Jersey is forbidden to sell the cars on Sunday. It’s also forbiddent to slurp while you eat.


in Scotland is mandatory to welcome a stranger in your house,if he’s asking for restroom.


in Arizona is forbidden for donkey to sleep in bathtub. If you cut-off a cactus you can get 25 years of jail.


in Cuba is not allowed to run a small business,surf the internet,have a lawyer or get a new job without a permission of The Communist Party of Cuba.

Florida, Miami

in Florida, Miami, is not allowed to sing or mumbling on a beach,while you’re wearing a swimming suit.It’s also not allowed to imitate Animal’s sounds.

Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia

in Brunei, Indonesia and in Malaysia is prohibited durian fruit on a public place because it’s smells like pigs feces.


in Denmark if you still feel hungry after the meal in the restaurant you are not in obligation to pay the bill. In this country escaping from the prison is legal.


in Alaska, you are not allowed to whisper during the hunt.

Kentucky, USA

in Kentucky, USA , every citizen must take a shower at least once a year.


in Mississippi you are allowed to walk your dog only if it’s wearing diapers.


in Montana it’s illegal if a wife opens husbands e-mail.

North Carolina

in North Carolina it’s illegal to sing out loud.

North Dakota

in North Dakota you shouldn’t fall asleep without taking your shoes off.


in Virginia it’s against the law to tickle a women.


in Columbia a mother is supposed to be present while her daughter is having her first sexual activity.


in Russia you are not allowed to brush your teeth more than twice a day.


in Finland amount of money that you pay for traffic ticket is based on your incomes.


in Israel you are not allowed to pick your nose on Saturday.


in Samoa it’s a crime to forget yours wife birthday.


in Thailand you are not allowed to get out without your underwear.


in Indonesia a penalty for masturbation is decapitation.


in Lebanon man are allowed to have intercourse with animals but only female ones.Having an intercourse with a male animal is against the law and it will result with death penalty.


in Turkey watching movies in a bus is forbidden.


in China is against the law to save the persons life who is drowning. That is considered by changing the persons destiny.

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