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Culture and good manners in Argentina

Argentina has a population of 33 million people with an ethnic composition of 85 percent of European origin, mainly Spanish and Italian. American Indians, mestizos (human mixed Indian origin and spaniards) and black people together make up the remaining  15 percent. The Republic of Argentina is a democracy, for now, but also has a long history of military forces.

Argentina is wide open country with very sophisticated cities such as the capital, Buenos Aires, which has the largest number of Jews in Latin America. Wardrobe is very important to leave a good impression in Argentina. Business wear is a conservative dark suit and tie for men, white shirts and dark suits or skirts for women. Maintaining eye contact is very important. Pat on the back is a sign of friendship. Make sure to cover your mouth when you yawn or cough. Don’t put your feet on any part of the furniture. Business lunches are popular and are usually held in restaurants. Beef and red wine are virtual national symbols. Disposal cutlery gives a signal – I’m done. When lunch or dinner, keep your hands on the table, not in the lap. Gifts that have to avoid are the personal items such as ties and shirts. High taxes on imported liquor make it a very appreciated gift, and the most popular are scottish and french champagne. The guest should always wait for the host to sit down first and to open the door before leaving. It is mandatory to handling at the first meeting. The names, especially among the elderly, are very important. During the business meetings people are addressed with their professional title. People who don’t have professional titles should be addressed as Mr.,  Mrs. ; In Spanish it’s Senor for Mrs = Senora,  Senorita = Miss; only father’s name is used when addressing someone; italian and german are the second and third language. Good topics for discussion: football, history, culture, house and children, opera. Bad topics for discussion: their former jobs and religion.

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